• Dancers

    Welcome Precious Dancers!!

    I wanted to carve out this corner just for you because Nia Natural Beauty all started to support my own daughter's dance journey in a natural way!

    We have created products to support your unique needs, like our quick-drying Ba(r)re Foot Spray with amazing immune-supporting essential oils, including Tea Tree and Lemongrass. My daughter dances barefoot a LOT, so she sprays it on the bottoms of her feet before and after dance classes. Or our Magnesium Oil Body Spray, created to support achy muscles! Spray this on the bottom of your feet at night to get a good nights rest. We actually made this because my daughter's legs were so restless at night after a long practice, and the magnesium helped her legs relax (I think they were still dancing). And one of our best sellers is our Tallow Face Balm, with Frankincense essential oil (LOVE) and Rosehip Seed Oil (hello, restore my face!) that we created to help restore dry skin after removing performance makeup. But it is great moisturizing dry skin generally!

    Walking through this dance journey with my daughter, I get to see first hand what she needs and we create products with dancers in mind. I am excited to create innovative products to meet your unique needs!

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  • Dance Studios

    To The Teachers

    But there's more! For my Dance Studio's out there, we thought of you too! Let us elevate your studio's brand with a Custom Dance Eyeshadow palette for your dancers. As a dance studio you want uniformity in your dancers performance look; and as parents, we just want to know what makeup to use on our kids. But even more, as a mom, I wanted natural and clean options. Options I could trust.

    Seriously, a custom dance palette is a win-win for everyone!  

    Our custom dance palettes takes the guesswork out for every dance parent like me. I will seriously pay to not have to think about what makeup to use on performance day. There is already enough going on. Right?!

    We proudly customize dance palettes for a professional dance studio in Utah, and would love to work with your studio too!

    Please email us for a consultation or with any questions! 

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  • Core Values

    Beauty on Purpose. Natural skin care advocates. Fostering entrepreneurial spirit for our daughters. We are family.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Plant and mineral based ingredients, free from synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Our ingredients target a specific purpose for her unique needs. We are intentional.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    We aim for a modest footprint on the environment from ethical sourcing to eco-friendly packaging. We are conscious.

  • Transparent Ingredients

    We provide transparency in our skincare ingredients. If an ingredient is largely unknown, we will explain its natural origin and skincare use. We are empowering.

  • Continuing Education

    We are committed to professional education in skin care formulation and sustainable ingredient innovation. We are learners.