Our Story

The youthful skin of Nia, my then-seven-year old competitive dancer, is the heartbeat behind this brand. After she went “pro” (lol), her weekly forty-five minute recreational dance classes turned into six to seven hours a week, with a competition schedule more dialed in than my personal calendar. I saw a greater need to support her body, particularly her immune system, feet and skin with natural products. But what she needed as a developing dancer either did not exist, or the products had several toes dipped inside the pool of toxicity.

As her mom, I wanted simple, clean, natural . . . and fun for her to use. I wanted products formulated with intention to meet her needs now, and as she grows. And I wanted to teach her how to protect and nourish her skin through many years of dancing. Along the way, I found myself empowered not only by creating products for her, but also for my own skin care needs. 

Our products are not about covering up, but about showing up in healthy skin. Nia Natural is Beauty on Purpose.

  • Core Values

    Beauty on Purpose. Natural skin care advocates. Fostering entrepreneurial spirit for our daughters. We are family.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Plant and mineral based ingredients, free from synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Our ingredients target a specific purpose for her unique needs. We are intentional.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    We aim for a modest footprint on the environment from ethical sourcing to eco-friendly packaging. We are conscious.

  • Transparent Ingredients

    We provide transparency in our skincare ingredients. If an ingredient is largely unknown, we will explain its natural origin and skincare use. We are empowering.

  • Continuing Education

    We are committed to professional education in skin care formulation and sustainable ingredient innovation. We are learners.